Transmission Repair & Maintenance Moorpark

Transmission Repair Moorpark CA

Over time, the constant use of your automobile causes the gears within your transmission to begin to ware out. In order to continue to ensure a safe drive for yourself and/or family, it is important to repair inefficient parts, or replace the transmission itself, when necessary. Minor cases such as repairing parts are common, build major cases are also available in which rebuilding of transmissions needs to occur. If you're looking for transmission repair in moorpark Call Us Now: 805-497-0399

Brake Maintenance or Replacement in Moorpark CA

if you begin to notice a difference in your vehicle's brakes such as a squealing noise it's probably time to get them serviced. At CRC Transmission Moorpark CA we offer Brake Maintenance or Replacement. We strongly recommend that you come as soon as possible so that your car doesn't undergo serious damages. In most cases the brakes are suffering from a deteriorating brake pad. This is extremely common because every time pressure is applied upon brake the pad begins weakening. However this brake pad is essential for the metals not to come in contact. The squealing noise is most likely the metals touching which in the long run creates problems to the metal. Rather than having to replace damage metal in the breaks, it's advise to simply replace the brake pad. Stop by CRC Transmission Moorpark CA for Brake Maintenance or Replacement.

Driveline & Drive Shafts, Moorpark CA

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you have ever experienced odd sounds such as  squeaking, metal bangs, or even grinding while driving, it is important to consider having your drive-line checked out. Often times people confuse vibrations of a car or rumbling noises to normal occurrences of driving at for example: higher speed. These signs in reality can indicate drive-line problems, which in then affect the speed of your vehicle. Having a correct working drive-line insures control over your vehicle and efficiency to unexpected changes in speed. Drive-lines are the component responsible to transmit the torque (force) received from your engine to your vehicles wheels. Vibrations during acceleration can also infer a damaged driveshaft or axle damaged depending on the model style of your vehicle. Call us for more information 805-497-0399

Driveshaft, cv joint, & axle, Moorpark CA

0996b43f80212379The axle, driveshaft, and CV joint located in your vehicle are closely dependent on one another to ensure a good drive. The driveshaft connects to the transmission through the CV joints, which are responsible for transferring the torque (like mentioned above) from the transmission to your vehicle's drive wheels. Front axles, for most common front wheel vehicles, use CV joints. CV joints allow the axle to bend and change while accommodating "shocking" bounce of the wheels from a day on the road. Other times CV joints are simply destroyed due to a rip CV boot when a grease oil-like substance escapes. Lastly, the axle is part of the basic building component of your vehicle. Their roles most importantly play in sustaining the weight from your vehicle and aids with any quick changes in speed. Call Us Now: 805-497-0399

Clutch Repair, Moorpark CA

Does your car not move as smoothly as you would like it to be? Have you ever considered there may be a problem with your clutch? A clutch its connect to the transmission in your car, that then is responsible for the engine running when your wheels are stopped. This disconnection that occurs from the clutch and transmission creates a significant impact on the way your car drives.

U-joints (universal joints)

The main role of a u-joint is to deliver the receiving rotational force from the transmission to the driveshaft following with the differentials, ALL which ultimately are responsible for turning the wheels on your vehicle. Its important that then your u-joint should be flexible enough to allow changes in angles and alignments that occur between the driveshaft and differentials. To further understand why type of U-joint your vehicle may have for recommended maintenance intervals call us at: 805-497-0399
Transmission problems can be avoided by doing required maintenance regularly. At CRC Transmission we work hard to save our customers money by providing regular transmission service to our customers. When you have a serious transmission problem we are experienced and knowledgeable in providing the best transmission replacement we can. We work on all makes and models of vehicles and we specialize in performance transmissions. We love working on older model vehicles but we are up to date on the newest vehicles as well. When your looking for the best transmission shop in Moorpark Give CRC Transmission a call at 805-497-0399